Welcome to Hot Springs, Arkansas


America's First Resort - Hot Springs, Arkansas, gets its name from the naturally thermal spring waters found here. Flowing out of the ground at an average temperature of 143 °F, the hot springs produce almost one million gallons of water each day.  Some call it magnetic attraction. Others call it love at first sight. Visit us in America's First Resort and experience the treasured traditions of Southern hospitality at its best.

Hot Springs is surround by four lakes. Lake Hamilton (west and south), Lake Quachita (north), Lake Catherine (east), and Lake DeGray further south. Lake Hamilton is known for water sports and a place to rent recreation boats.


Buckstaff Bathouse

A trip to Buckstaff Bathhouse should be in your future. We offer natural services and a welcoming team that will ensure you get a truly relaxing experience right on Bathhouse Row in downtown Hot Springs. We also ensure that all of our hydrotherapy treatments are additive and chemical free.


Quapaw Bathhouse & Spa

Quapaw Baths & Spa … the perfect place to immerse in Hot Springs’ acclaimed thermal waters and indulge in luxurious spa services. We offer it all in our beautiful, historic bathhouse, rich with the most modern spa amenities and comforts. Quapaw Baths & Spa is the ultimate choice for pampering in Hot Springs, whether you are visiting our beautiful city, or call it home. While here, you’ll want to treat yourself to something scrumptious in our Quapaw Café. What’s more, you’ll find the perfect gift or treasure in our Quapaw Boutique.


Oaklawn Park

Oaklawn Park Thoroughbred Live Racing is scheduled each year from late January to early April on Central Avenue south fron downtown on your left.  It is open all year round for closed cercuit TV.   There is a mechanical betting casino attached open all year round.


Hot Springs Haunted Tours

Enjoy a 60 minute walking tour of the historic downtown Hot Springs, Arkansas.  A guide will show you several haunted buildings, with the oldest dating back to the early 1800's.  During this tour, you will learn all about the dark, morbid side of Hot Springs, both past and present.  If hauntings, mysteries, murders, deaths, and suicides seem interesting, you will most certainly enjoy our haunted tours.

*1 Nightly Tours starting at 8:00 PM / *Closed Monday and Tuesday

*No reservations needed


Garvin Woodland Gardens

Welcome to Garvan Woodland Gardens, the botanical garden of the University of Arkansas. Nestled in the picturesque Ouachita Mountains of Southwest Arkansas, the Gardens are a wonderful gift to all people from local industrialist and philanthropist Verna Cook Garvan.  From the dynamic architectural structures to the majestic botanical landscapes, Garvan Woodland Gardens offers breathtaking sights (and fantastic photo opportunities) at every turn.

Drive up the Mountains downtown and you can turn left beside the Arlington Hotel and watch for the entrance sign to Hot Springs Mountain on the right at the mountain drive entrance and you can return when you get to the top or you can tour the Mountain Tower when you get to the top and then return.

Drive down Park Avenue from here and keep to your right when you reach downtown and stay on Whittington Avenue until you see a left in the middle of the park to enter a drive that takes you to the top of West Mountain and around and down again with overlooks at the top. Just follow the road signs and it will take back down.

Park downtown and enter the Hot Springs Promenade at the North or South end of Bathhouse Row. The elevated brick walkway gives you an overlook of downtown Hot Springs and botanical marked flora as you stroll along this delightful level wide path, hopefully on a beautiful day. In the center of the Promenade Walk there is a stairway down to the middle of Bathhouse Row to see a visible Natural Spring and on your left is the elegant Fordyce Bathhouse that is a free tour of one of the original bathhouses as it use to be along with helpful people who will answer your questions. If you finish your Promenade walk at the south end you will see a parking lot. In the middle of the parking lot in front of you is a little building that is a tourist center with literature and ladies willing to answer your questions. Notice there is a fountain at the corner where you can fill empty plastic gallon jugs (that are for sale across the street) and you can take home as many gallons of free Hot Springs water as you can fill.

Oaklawn Park Thoroughbred Live Racing is scheduled each year from late January to early April on Central Avenue south from downtown on your left. It is open all year round for closed circuit TV. There is a mechanical betting casino attached open all year round.

There is more information in your room printed out for you when you get to North Wood Bed and Breakfast.