The Bowl of Cherries Room

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$40 cash non refundable pet fee, $30 for an extra person, $30 for rollaway bed, $30 crib fee



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My daughters and I have been admiring and collecting Mary Engelbreit products for many years and I decided to redo this room with that inspiration.  Cherry curtains and pillows were designed for the windows and bed.  I added some Mary Engelbreit wall decor and some hand painted old kitchen cabinet doors I had fun painting years ago.   The cherry rocking chair was once a broken down old rocker that I repainted and rewove just for this room.  There is a white vintage corner cabinet bought at an auction that is filled with ME collectibles.   

                         Hall bath for use by Bowl of Cherries Room        Large Size bath tub and tile shower


 Bowl of Cherries Bath with Double Sinks