My husband and I bought our home in 1980 and raised our family here.  We met while attending East Carolina University.   I majored in art and my work is displayed in my home.  Our annual "Open House" allowed me to sell my crafts and antiques to Hot Springs fans for many years.  We recently closed our family owned antique store in town.   Opening my home to overnight visitors is a natural step.  

This house was built in the horse and buggy days and was the only home in the area for decades.  I was told that it once had a fourteen foot porch all around the two story section.   The old native stone wall out front continues toward town as the edge of the original property.  The stone entrance with iron gate greets you as you turn in.  There is an open covered wagon in the front yard.  The house has been modernized through the years.  

The highway in front was once known as the Old Little Rock highway.   In the horse and buggy days it was a gaming house and was a regular stop for the stagecoach run.  There is a rumor that Frank and Jessie James once robbed a stagecoach near Hot Springs.  There are natural springs nearby and during droughts our property stays green.  Welcome to this unique property.