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The Mermaid Room         

Prices range between $93-97, Reservation with Airbnb, I don't make reseervations on the phone.

$40 cash non refundable pet fee, $30 for an extra person, $30 for rollaway bed, $30 crib fee



The Mermaid Room has an undersea theme with turquoise walls and a canopy of cloth over the king size bed. 

The handpainted ceiling of ocean waves is a great plus   There is a collection of pictures, collected shells and starfish.


This is just a section of the ceiling of the ocean.                   A view of the bed and canopy.  


Mermaids watch over the room.   Two Lampshades are covered with over 700 pieces each of aqua to teal cloth circles scrunched together to make flowers.  They are glued on one by one.  The brass lamps were painted and trimmed with lace and crystals.
The Dresser has a gold starfish, an apothecary jar with colored beads and a turquoise jar and a seashell crown with pearls and clear glass gems and touches of gold. 

Our Mermaid Room has a shoe shelf just for the Mermaid..   She has her own ocean above.


Luxurious hall bath for your use        Large Size bath tub and tile shower and double sinks.