Check with Airbnb for Room Rates.  I do not rent on the phone.


  Prices range between $75 to $122 per day.  Check Airbnb when you are looking.

This is our large room with a private bath.  This is $115 to $122 per night.  Contact Airbnb.


King Size Bed with lots of room and ruffled curtains with fabulous view and mirror.



Private Bath 


 This is  a medium size room with queen size bed.  Approximately $85-88 per night. Contact Airbnb.

Queen Size bed with red and white floral design.

Hand painted cherry rocking chair with corner cabinet with collectibles.



This is a medium size room with a King size bed.  Approximately $93 to $97 per night. Contact Airbnb.


The Mermaid Room has a King Size bed with a custom made canopy.


On the right side of the room are pictures of mermaids and a sheer curtain trimmed with starfish.  The left side has lighthouses and a dresser with a gold starfish and a seashell crown.


The Mermaid Room has ocean decor.  Notice the ceiling is painted with an ocean wave.

This is a small room with queen size bed and starts at $72-75 per night.  Contact Airbnb.  I don't make reservations on the phone.


The Western Lodge Room has faux fur accessories.


Western signs and pictures.  Cowboy hats and a real lariat.  Shelf holds western books and western collectibles.


The bed has two western nightstands, one on each side.  The picture on the right shows a close up of one


This is the Hall Bath upstairs.  It has a Western theme.


Hall bath for use by Western Lodge Room and Mermaid Room




Photographers may use the property for background shots for a fee of $35 per hour.  There is 

 a rail fence on one side of the property and stone walls to sit on, a stone entrance, a vine covered archway on the stone front walk, a stone fireplace in the large living room,  a red carpeted stairway in the foyer, large front lawn with a western wagon and several large trees.


As pictured above, we have a Chuckwagon in the yard that can be used as a prop or a background where it is located.  



Central heat and air,  ceiling fans, large porch,  TV in each room,  TV viewing with DVD in living room,  pet amenities, snacks in room and dining room, reading materials, free wi-fi, hair dryers, shampoo, washer/dryer/microwave on premises, iron and ironing board in hall.  List of tourist events and locations in room.  List of recommended restaurants and parks.


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